Running 4 The 32

VTMemorial RunIn February, 2016, I weighed 244 ½ pounds. The same as Bucky Hodges. The difference is Bucky is 6’6”. I’m a tad over 5’9”. Too many cruises had left me knocking on the door of extreme obesity and diabetes. I had been considering launching the living4the32 project, and I decided that this would be my first step. I made a pledge to myself that I would begin a health program of better eating and walking/jogging that would culminate in a “final exam”. For the last 3 years I had “walked” the Memorial Walk, but for the 2017 Memorial Walk, I will run it, and I will finish in less than 32:59 minutes. I’ve never been a distance runner, and only finished one 5K event when I was 45. I have all the problems of being old, and overweight, but I now had an inspiration. I will run for the 32.

So on February 27, my wife and I began training. We started by walking 3 miles in about 48 minutes. In the 14 weeks since we started, we have walked an average of 25 miles/week. On my fitbit I have a 32 marked on the band. When I want to skip the walk, or when I want to quit at 3 miles, I look down at the 32, and it keeps me inspired. I am now down to 226 pounds. By August 1, I hope to be down to 210. I plan then to begin jogging because at that weight, I believe my ancient knees will take the pounding.
So if you have lacked the inspiration to get healthy again, I hope you will join me in starting to train to run the 2017 Memorial Walk in 32 minutes. If you to accept this challenge, then email me at, and I will add your name to our scroll.

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